Sound Effects and Psychoacoustics

To start off with my initial inspiration for what sounds I should make and how I make the sounds, I jumped onto Youtube for some inspiration of how other Foley artists create their sounds and found some interesting videos related.

Here is a video where a Foley Artist who strangely sounds just like Robin Williams goes through various sound effects.

The video we watched in class regarding lord of the rings design.

After watching a few videos, It ignited my main fuel to carry on with designing process. Reflecting on this, I think it was a enormously helpful start for me to get into the groove and also to find inspiration. So I started researching actual video game sounds that currently existed.

Here are a few videos of current games which exist and have similar sounds to which we might be producing, but obviously on a more small scale and not so much focused on music etc…

Dynasty Warriors 6, the weapon hit sounds are particularly interesting

Lord of the Rings: Conquest, the slashing sounds were very exaggerated and caught my attention.

World of Warcraft, here it was the atmospheric music which made it stand out.

Soon after watching many videos and even playing a few similar games I discovered that it would not be possible to create an amazingly professional immersive environment with the time and materials I had, but there were very simple effective ways in which I could get close to professionalism and achieve a well balanced result.

Through looking at Lord of the rings and seeing the special features video; how they engineered the film was nothing short of brilliance; they showed parts of the film without any sound and it was diabolical. It is truly essential to get the audience to believe where they are is what the audio surroundings suggest they are, no matter how much you have to exaggerate.

Later I stumbled onto this video which helped me gain a greater insight to how, more then likely our game sounds would end up being utilised and how the game would turn out which cleared things up for me quite a lot.

So for my sound library as well as my sound design, I was really focused on the experience of the user who would be interacting with the environment. So that is what I wanted to convey. The journey of the viewer/listener becoming the person in the game (Sir Longford the Bold) travelling through the environment and conquering the French. In the more peaceful soundspace, the sound effects are rather calming, natural as well as usual in happening. Although in the more hellish side of the environment, the effects are more erratic and mechanical and chaotic. This is what I tried to convey.


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