Entertainment Design

The main influence my game idea Roborush is inspired by is the classic game Megaman.

The thing that mainly inspired me about this game is it’s fast passed action and it’s emphasis on the characters actions which you part take in. Funny thing was tho, after finishing my Game Concept I realised that there are a few similarities between my game and Megaman, such as the professor who brings Megaman to life had a good purpose and Megaman goes around the world defeating different bosses and gaining abilities.

I came to notice that those certain aspects of the game were aspects which I greatly appreciate in a good game, a good game to me means it should have a great or original story, even if it is short. What also clicks as a good game to me is a game that resonates with my feelings towards wanting to do good and having good moral ethics and being inspired to help others.

The Gameplay would be the main separatist aspect of my game. Although I would like the impact and controls to be very similar to the fast flowing pace of Megaman.

The difference being that Roborush would be completely fast passed and angled at being really reflex based but at the same time, easy for users to pick up and really competitive in the combo region.

The kind of feeling and general look of the game would be similar to Vanquish but done in a 2d side scrolling basis.

The gameplay is also a factor which clings onto me with this game, other than it being 3D, it has perfect elements in it which really appeal to me as a gamer, for me I prefer a game to have fast paced action in which you feel like you are in control and are able to to change your own reality and the things you do give you merit. The skills you display are what you as the main user trains to develop and gains a better sense of satisfaction once the game has been conquered through effort and intense split second action sequences which is what Vanquish possesses.

The Gameplay will be similar to Megaman, but the screen will constantly moving. The main spin on the game is that you can’t stop or slow down, if you do, you end up in a different game mode, called Triple S (split-second-shield) mode in which you have to absorb enemies with your shield to gain enough power to continue to run for your destination. You can only absorb the enemies if you press the shield button at the right time, the split second they hit you, hence the split-second-shield. During the main play through, you will be able to pick up scoring/health objects such as multipliers and energy packs (health). This idea was inspired by Pokemon Stadium and the Metapod shielding game.


Other Aspects of Vanquish which I like is the general feel and setting of the game. The way the emotion can burst out even though it is only a robot, similar to how Wall-e captured so many viewers hearts. I want my main character to posses something similar.



The Inraid design was somehow inspired by a mix of the Street fighter Twelve Character and a mix of the Heartless form Kingdom of hearts. I find these simple enemies have such a unique and appealing presence as an opponent.




The Title screen and the Audio will be similar to the style of ‘Metal Gear Solid’ where things are very futuristic and the sound is really atmospheric.



The Audio of Metal Gear Solid is really built upon with emotion and it really delves into your heart and gets you inspired to do things in the game.

Often I find it in Metal Gear Solid, that the gameplay can be quite slow so the hype is easily killed, although in this game I hope to rectify that.

The general atmosphere and scenery will be quite torn apart with a mix of technology and a mix of barren lands and destroyed cities.







The places are abandoned or inhabited by the Inraid. You will travel through various different environments and setting throughout the game and immerse yourself into a world different to the one we currently know.

The overall impact of the game as a whole is that it was give the user a unique experience and a chance to save teh world after the Inraid invade. One of the strongholds will be the beautiful and elegant art style the game will incorporate to give the user a gratifying and pleasing experience.


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