So recently I found out from a friend of mine Eriko Kobayashi, that there will be a volunteer trip to Africa which will be an expenses paid experience in which 30 scholarship students will be able to go to Kenya to help out with volunteering.

Here is my application form which I had to upload as I could not send it to Free the Children email as it was too big:

I thought this was the perfect opportunity for me to assist and aid the world once again after I went to Tanga in Tanzania to build the primary school. That experience was so precious for me and even since I went there I feel that I want to go back, that is my true calling. Often at university I feel so useless, I feel that sometimes I am wasting my time studying things which often don’t interest or inspire me, wasting precious years of my life in which those years could be lived out there in the wilderness helping other people and making a change to society.

The opportunity which Virgin Atlantic has supported is a great opportunity for those inspired to help and those financially less assured or well off then others to lend a hand and experience Africa. If you have always wanted to get out there and help, any students who are reading this from the UK, here is your chance this year and the years to come.