Advanced Visualization 2

The walk cycle was mainly done through moving certain controllers of the body. Some of which make the movement look even more human like, if combined in the right way.

Starting off with lifting the foot con upwards and forwards. Also at the same time moving the walking stick and the right arm upwards. At this same time, you also move the left arm backwards.

To make the walk cycle more convincing. When the foot hits the ground, the torso should also move down to accompany the wight of the movement to create the look of weight being applied by the character.

When the left foot rises and goods forward, aligning with the right foot, the character’s height is at it’s highest point so you move the torso controller up.

When the character moves with an object (such as the walking stick) that is used to lean upon, the object stays still whilst the character is making his move.

Finally, when the character is about to stop, he slowly eases into his stationary position as the tempo slows down.


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