Advanced Visualization 3

Moving onto the next scene, making more use of the blend-shapes to give the character a more realistic emotional expression. He is scared as he hears the motorbikes coming again for the second time. The eyesbrows go up as the eyes widen, and his mouth starts to frown as he moves hi head back.

The blendshapes have to be keyed in the right attributes to get the right effect. Ideally, only moving 2-4 blend-shapes was most effective, as if too many are moved, it starts to deform the model.

In this particularly part, he jumps up in fear. I used the torso controller to move his body back as if the sound wave of the bike passing by pushes him away. His mouth opens up wide as shown in the previous sketches. He also drops his walking stick to convey more of a shell shocking impact.

He is then traumatized into curling up into a defensive stance. using the controllers to of the torso and hands to squeeze him into a defensive shape.

The hand moves off of his head as he darts his eyes around to see if everything is safe as he contemplates.

Finally, I had to animate him crawling on 4 legs as if he were a dog or horse, even though he is a bird. Looking at the way 4 legged animals crawl was quite fascinating. After looking at the video above, I got to understand that both leg and hand have to move at the same time in diagonal opposites.

The finished bird style 4 legged walk.


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