Advanced Visualization 4

Finally, the 3rd and last scene, much of teh focus here was to rinse and repeat the techniques learned in previous 3D animation.

Part of the animation, he shoots a projectile out of his walking stick, in order to make the shot look powerful, I squinted the characters eyes as well as exaggerated the movement of the recoil as he flies back and slides on the ground.

The explosion itself was made using a tutorial online which talks about Maya’s fluid creation. Which automated animations of particles within a box are displayed and can be varied in settings. I wanted the explosion to look a bit more magical than the conventional type to convey that he has a magical walking stick.

Here is a snippet of the first scene playblasted, which I had problems with the codec settings as well as the playblast screen size, which would distort the screen and no sound would come out. I managed to fix most of those issues.

Syncing the sound with the mouth movements is a bit of an easier job when your mouth is a beak. Talking is more of an opening and closing affair, although widening the lips and playing with blend shapes, does help give the sound a more realistic feel when he talks.


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