Persuasive Narrative – Style

The visual inspiration which I want to focus on is inspired from the video ‘I’m On’ by Trae Tha Truth. The clean text upon a blue sky background brings such an intense amount of contrast and a really great professional look.

Also, another aspect of music video that inspires me, is the use of text motion effects on screen, some great examples are Sway Dasafo’s video Level up and Chamillionaire’s recent mixtape videos. All the text is really dynamic and at the same time it is easy to read and engages the audience which makes the time fly by as you watch.

Sway – Level Up

The text effects within this video are really fast paced and engaging, coming from all different types of angles and speeds to suit the rapping.

Chamillionaire – On My Way

This video has a 3D car which is the central focus of the video as the text flies by. The contrast of dark colours and white text really bring out a professional feel in this video.


Persuasive Narrative – Origin

To start off with my inspiration, I stumbled upon the video:

The video is by a Christian group trying to witness to their audience about God. It strikes me so much because it really displays so much emotion and so much contemplation within such a short clip of only 2 minutes long. The impact is so strong because of the relatable footage of the different scenes of the persons life. This really inspired me to do something similar and to try and experiment with hitting a chord with the audience in such a small slot of time.