Persuasive Narrative – Inspiration

I found some further inspiration, some inspiring videos and also Christian videos which have a lot of professional creativity within them.

The one bellow is called ‘You’re Revolutionary and talks about how you have the potential to become great with reference to the bible. The dark text and white background really make it seem clean and clear.

You’re Revolutionary

Another video called ‘God is Faithful’ uses a great deal of motion tracking all throughout and achieves a great amount of realism with the text and the walking characters. The walking aspect also catches my eye.

Another video that particularly gained my interest was a short video about how video games ‘waste’ your life when played excessively and the person in the video tries to persuade his audience to really think about how much video games you play, as well as how much facebook you use.

Life Changing Video Games

The flash animation he created is another angle in creating your own media experience.

Another video that personally inspires me everyday to try harder at university and to try and do my absolute best in any given situation, for the sake of my family and friends, to not let them down. The preacher Eric Thomas’s speech is overlayed with an athlete in training. It is really inspiring.

How Bad Do You Want It? (Success)

Do you want to succeed as much as you want to breathe? that is the persuasive spin and the hook that gets the audience. It really has a lot of impact in such a short video, although the music track in the background does help.

I am a Champion

This is another video that has a great impact, this shows how much influence the background music has on changing the feel of your video, so without a doubt the audio is something that should be looked into beforehand.


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