Persuasive Narrative – Inspiration 2

A lot of the direction of a certain film is developed by your initial inspiration, that is what carries forth your whole video and transcends that barrier to reach your audience.

The big task as hand here is to try and develop a style that can be received well and at the same time leave a lasting impression. Particularly with a persuasive video that tries to either sell a point of address a point throughout.

The next video I found was quite a good point of inspiration. As it used low quality webcam footage of people being told they won a life changing opportunity and you get to see their reactions. It is quality without quality.

Creating Life-Changing Opportunties

Researching first person perspective examples, the following videos really immerse you into the life of the person in perspective and really touches the audience with the feelings of familiarization.

Last Day Dream


NIKE: Make It Count


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