Persuasive Narrative – Final

After many days of editing on Premier Pro CS5.5 and After Effects 5.5. The video is finished and I am pretty happy with the overall outcome and feel of the video.

Within the video is a lot of footage which was shot for first person arrangement. The footage that was still and more general, I had to get rid of the shake. Luckily, the lecturer Jonny Harris told me about the ‘Stabilize motion’ function on AE CS5.5. I used it, it was really simple and worked great for the still footage, although not so well for the walking footage which was to be expected.

Overall, I am really happy with the outcome and I learnt a lot about the software used, managed to add a lot of tints and colour corrections as well as slow or speed things up.

The audio track I used from my friend Phil Brown was also pinnacle to the success of the video. I am glad I got the chance to do this project and I hope that people will somehow find appreciation in watching my video and all the locations and effort that went into it. I will definitely try and make more effort to film things more often in life, as every moment is temporary and precious.

Where are you going?


Persuasive Narrative – Implementation

Stephan Fry once said: “The scariest moment is just before you start”

The next video is a very similar idea to what I have in mind for my video and was a video done by a friend in London who is a photographer and is really into film production and editing.

Here is his film called ‘Take a Minute’ which has a very similar theme to my idea. Persuading the audience to take a minute and think about where their life is going in the midst of all the chaos and imbalance.

Take a Minute

The audio track used for this video was also done by a friend of mine. I asked the same guy to create an audio track for my video too and he agreed to make one and that track will be used within my final piece.

I previously went to Leeds to visit my girlfriend. As I was there, I made a filming schedule of how I was planning to tackle getting the main footage I wanted. The main footage I was looking for was first person perspective walk as well as anything that would relate to my script which is:

Where is your life going right now?
How many steps have you taken in your life?
Where will those steps take you on your way?
On your way to what?… what is waiting at the end of the road?

In life, you have the opportunity, the chance, to choose where you will walk.
To choose which path you will take.
Does it lead you to the dark? Or does it lead you to the light?
Watch your step, you might fall along the way.
But don’t worry, when you fall over…it’s ok… just get back up, brush it off and walk again.

Wherever you go… whatever you see… whatever you do… think about where you are going.
As every step you take, leads you to your destination.
Where do you want to be?….

The filming in Leeds turned out to be quite successful, bellow are some images of the footage taken on camera. Also on my way back to Dundee, I managed to show my travelers route and take some footage also.