Persuasive Narrative – Final

After many days of editing on Premier Pro CS5.5 and After Effects 5.5. The video is finished and I am pretty happy with the overall outcome and feel of the video.

Within the video is a lot of footage which was shot for first person arrangement. The footage that was still and more general, I had to get rid of the shake. Luckily, the lecturer Jonny Harris told me about the ‘Stabilize motion’ function on AE CS5.5. I used it, it was really simple and worked great for the still footage, although not so well for the walking footage which was to be expected.

Overall, I am really happy with the outcome and I learnt a lot about the software used, managed to add a lot of tints and colour corrections as well as slow or speed things up.

The audio track I used from my friend Phil Brown was also pinnacle to the success of the video. I am glad I got the chance to do this project and I hope that people will somehow find appreciation in watching my video and all the locations and effort that went into it. I will definitely try and make more effort to film things more often in life, as every moment is temporary and precious.

Where are you going?


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